Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

4 & 6 month programs

This is one of the most popular BSF&N services available. It’s made a big difference for hundreds of clients, and  provides the highest level of program customization. With this service, you get both a nutrition and fitness program, customized to fit your goals and needs. Weekly online check-ins, progress tracking and access to daily communication with Michele via a mobile app will hold you accountable and will allow you to see progress over time.


Box SomeBody Fit

12 week online program

 Box SomeBody Fit is a 12 week online boxing course and workout programmed that is for you if you're looking to: get fit, tone up, lose weight, build lean muscle, learn self defense, relieve stress, improve coordination and body awareness or simply to challenge your mind and body in new ways. The first 6 weeks include video lessons and demonstrations on all 6 offensive punches and 2 defensive maneuvers, as well as 4 workouts per week for both boxing and conditioning. The second 6 weeks are all application and include total-body boxing and conditioning workouts, designed to get you to your most optimal, powerful, boxing potential.


2019-2020 Kettlebell Program

1 month program

The 2019-2020 Kettlebell Program is a one month program, where the only piece of equipment required is a kettlebell. The program offers 4 weeks of full-body, kettlebell workouts that are designed for any fitness and experience level. The Program comes with a glossary and access to a demonstration video to offer you education on proper technique and form. This is a great program for someone who is on the go often and needs the accessibility to work out efficiently, wherever. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, are just getting back on track, or need a new way to challenge yourself - this program is for you!


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