Hello! It has been SO long.

For the past few months, I've been working diligently on getting Be SomeBODY Fitness & Nutrition LLC where I dreamt of it being and I can honestly say, I'm so excited for how it has grown & how it will continue to grow over the course of the coming year.

When I began my business, it was my goal to service 60 clients in Fitness & Nutrition in my first year of business...it's been 9 months since my business launched & I have serviced nearly 100 clients! Things have been amazing & that's all thanks to the women (and a few men) who have entrusted me to help them reach their goals.

As I take my business on full-time, a lot of exciting new things have come to the surface and I am ready to share them:

1) THE BLOG IS BACK. You can expect WEEKLY blogs from me, covering a wide array of topics from Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Adventure. Feel free to email your blog ideas to michelejeannettefitness@gmail.com or DM me via Instagram @michele.jeannette.

2) NEW PROGRAMS: though I can't disclose every idea I have up my sleeve for this year - I DID just release a new program Feb. 1, called Success Sessions. These highly affordable sessions, include weekly goal setting calls, ranging from topics of fitness, nutrition, body image, self-love and general life/wellness. Additionally, weekly check-ins with me will help to hold you accountable. This is the most affordable program I have released this year & so far, women are seeing great results in terms of the lifestyle balance & body image.

3) SEASONAL FITNESS FUN. Each season, I am going to release a Fitness-Only program, where you can sign up to receive a 90-day fitness routine that is guaranteed to kick yo' booty. You'll also receive access to the Private Facebook Group for each seasonal program! The group will house a safe place for us to talk self-love, body-love, exercise, food and FUN. This is NOT a challenge. It's a way to celebrate your body's capabilities and share in that successful celebration with other strong women, who are striving to become somebody who feels comfortable in their skin and at home in their body. More info will be released in MARCH surrounding the first Seasonal Fitness Program!

Those are all of the updates I can talk about...for now. I wanted to take the time to update you all on where I've been & what I've been working on so you can get as excited as I am for 2019!

Please direct any and all questions, or topic suggestions to my email/Instagram.

Talk soon,