How many times in your life have you been told that you are:

"too much"


"high maintenance"

"a lot to handle"

I took a poll on my Instagram story this past week and 67% of women said that they've been called ALL OF THOSE THINGS. The other 33% said they have been told some of those things once or twice.

I remember at least ONE instance, for each of those phrases, where I have been labeled as such.

You're TOO MUCH, is what he said to me when I begged him to communicate with me instead of ignore me. He manipulated me in this way by telling me I was TOO MUCH. He made me feel miniscule. He forced me to shrink, as if that would make him love me more. In reality, he just liked to see me squabble for every ounce of attention and love I could get from him.

You're overdramatic, I was told time and time again whenever I was PMSing. PMS symptoms before I went on birth control RAMPAGED me mentally and for one week each month, I felt myself fall deep into a dark depression. I knew I shouldn't have felt that way and I knew it wasn't right, but whenever I lashed out at someone, or broke down into tears - instead of looking for a deeper meaning, they told me I was being OVERDRAMATIC. They tried to minimize my problems. They made me ball up and go internal. They made me feel that my feelings were too small to matter - that I was too small to matter.

You're high maintenance. My dad jokingly told me this when I was 6 years old and I had no clue what it meant. But later on in life, other people called me high maintenance, too. I was HIGH MAINTENANCE because I didn't want my friends to eat in my car. I was HIGH MAINTENANCE because I liked to get my hair and nails done. I was HIGH MAINTENANCE because I had a curfew and my friends didn't in high school. Looking back now, apparently trying to know my worth & having good morals and values is what classified me as HIGH MAINTENANCE to my "friends." I was made fun of so much for all of these things. They tried to shrink me and make me feel small because I respected myself, my parents and my possessions.

I could go ON AND ON, my friends. People are going to try and make you feel small, to make themselves feel authoritative and large. You ARE NOT too much. You are enough. You are so enough. You deserve to be deeply rooted in your enoughness. You deserve to do everything and anything that you want to do, without question.You've made mistakes and it's unfair for people to hold those mistakes over you and tell you that you are TOO MUCH because of those mistakes. You've pushed yourself hard for others, who refuse to acknowledge how hard you worked for them. They won't ever be satisfied, so it's best to put your best food forward and understand that NO MATTER WHAT, you are NOT too much because you ask for respect, you are NOT too dramatic because you express your emotions, you are NOT high maintenance because you know what you want and how you want it, and you are NOT a lot to handle, because those who are WORTH YOUR TIME AND ENERGY would be able to handle you without a problem.

Listen, I know exactly how it feels to have people try to shrink you by projecting their own insecurities your way. Through fitness and nutrition, I have been able to establish a lifestyle in which I feel so deeply rooted in my enoughness that there is NO doubt in my mind that I am ever "not enough" or "too much."

It is my sole goal in life to help other women harness their power through fitness and nutrition - so, if YOU are ready to make the switch to stop letting others shrink you and instead to start stepping into your power - my NUTRIITION AND FITNESS PROGRAMS are OPEN for enrollment.

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Talk soon,