This is what stress can do to your body if you don’t care for yourself during times of change.

The photo on the left and photo on the right are exactly a year apart...

Transitioning to life in California didn’t seem stressful while we were doing it — but the build up to it & the adjustment took a toll on my mind & body.

Between trying to get settled, sink my feet into the military spouse lifestyle, maintain a clean house, work two jobs - one of which I resented from the beginning because it took me from what I truly wanted to work on (my business,) work out and be social - I overworked myself into a downward spiral.

I ended up getting sick repeatedly the first 3 months we were in SoCal due to this burnout — all because my type-A personality was trying to micromanage and force myself to do all the things EXCEPT what I needed the most (I’ll get to that.)

Between stress, anxiety, inconsistency with nutrition, too much time on the elliptical and a slew of antibiotics, I was left with 10 lbs of inflammation & bloat.

Inflammation is our body's response as a defensive mechanism when systems within our body are off-balance and are threatened by foreign organisms, bacteria, viruses, etc.

My joints ached, my feet were puffy, I felt uncomfortable in my skin, literally.

This inflammation was a sign for me — I had to get real with the fact that my body deserved more than I was giving it.

So I:

-GOT CONSISTENT. Found a fitness routine that worked me and worked for me. I set boundaries in my life and put a schedule in place so I wasn't being overworked.

-HEALED MY GUT. I stopped eating like an a**hole & fueled my body with the proper food & supplemented it with the proper nutrients I was lacking. One product in particular that changed my life was the Digestion Plus probiotic. It helps keep the bloat at bay and keep my digestion regulated.

-PRIORITIZED REST. As someone who goes & goes & goes — I learned the importance of allowing myself to rest & recover. I’m a proud 9-10 hour sleeper, now.


I created my 1:1 Nutrition & Fitness Program Be SomeBody Free to help women navigate through transition.

Whether you’re coming up on a life change, are in the midst of one or are about to be — this program is designed to help you prioritize yourself & your health through it all to prevent the kind of stress that I dealt with.

Are you taking the necessary steps to avoid over-stress and burnout?

What areas of your life bring you the most stress and how can you mitigate that stress?

What self-care practices do you have in place to make sure you're getting the TLC you and your body deserve?

Food for thought!

Talk soon,