Ever Had an Ex Who Wasn't REEEALLY an Ex Because Y'all "nEveR rEaLly DaTed?"

Ever had an ex who wasn’t reeeally an ex because y’all never “dated?” — that’s kinda how me & confidence used to be.

  • I flirted with the idea of confidence — like you flirted with your non-ex-ex.

  • People assumed that I had confidence in the bag because from the outside-looking-in I had confidence wrapped around my little finger. Sound familiar?

  • I wanted confidence, desperately — but every time I felt like I took 1 step forward in my relationship with confidence, confidence pulled back 10.

In reality — I was insecure & “faking it til I made it” got me nowhere because I didn’t have the tools to “make it.” See that's the thing - you can fake it all you want, but if you're not at a place mentally to "make it" your journey stops there.

Just like you deserve more than a guy who refuses to put a label on your “thing,” I 10/10 deserved to feel what true confidence felt like every day of my life - and so do you, by the way.

One way in the past year that I've been able to increase my own self-confidence 10-fold is through boxing. Boxing gives me a sense of confidence I’ve only felt once in my life before — when I used to be a dancer & performed. And even then, it also allows me to feel a branch of confidence that even dancing could never bring me because I felt like a force to be reckoned with.

It gives me this feeling of empowerment, that’s so strong, nothing else matters.

I could be in a room full of people, or all alone when I box & get the same resounding hymn of confidence fluttering through my veins with every swift and agile punch.

& that’s a feeling I feel is my purpose in life to help others create & maintain. That's what drives me. I want to help all women reach a place of unabashed confidence that leaves them radiating from the inside out.

It IS possible to be undeniably confident, even in moments of insecurity.

So today, I want you to give yourself permission to allow confidence into your life FOR REAL this time. No more flirting and back and forth. Confidence will come to you, only if you're willing to let it in and get UNCOMFORTABLE.

I hope you're having the best week. Feel free to email me or DM me via Instagram to talk more about confidence and how to welcome it into your life.

Talk soon,