The Elephant in The Room

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: “those last 10 lb.”

If you were to come to me for coaching and say your goal is to lose “that-last-10” I’m first going ask WHY and then, urge you to dig DEEPER.

WHY that number?

What is your logic behind THAT number?

There needs to be MORE — not just so you have a goal in mind to comply and maintain but more-so, so you don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of “the process.”

9/10 people think that reaching that goal “x” lb will fulfill you & leave you FINALLY feeling accomplished & happy.

But the hard truth is that it won’t one single bit.

Make you feel accomplished? Maybe. Briefly. But in reality, it’s just going to make you hungry (literally and figuratively) for MORE & leave you overall feeling dissatisfied that it doesn't FEEL like you expected.

You just want to “drop a pant size....?” But WHY? What’s the underlying reason because no one cares — or can tell — if you’re a size 6 or 8.

Why sacrifice that weekend wine?

Why feel the need to ALWAYS order a salad with dressing on the side?

You have to search inward and debunk the myth that YOU ARE ONLY WORTH SOMETHING IF YOU CORRELATE TO A NUMBER.

In reality, friend — the only person who sees “that last 10” as an elephant, is you.

No one else is thinking “She’d probably look better if she weighed 5-10 lb less.”

NOW — DON’T GET ME WRONG — Surely, you can have weight loss be PART of your goal but there’s gotta be MORE to the method than the madness of the DAMN SCALE.

By thinking more subjectively about how you want to FEEL instead of focusing on numbers alone, you can STRUCTURE YOUR GOALS AS SUCH:

🏼Better sleep

🏼Better mood

🏼More energy

🏼Clearer skin

🏼Gut health

🏼Proper digestion

🏼Improved gym performance

All of the above are great goals to have in mind and keep track of INSTEAD of choosing to obsess over one, insignificant number.

Focus FIRST on your overall health & LESS on the numbers attached and I promise you, the weight loss will follow.

But the journey will be WAY more enjoyable and WAY easier, if you toss the notion of “those last 10” out the damn window!

Talk soon,