Healthy Thanksgiving Reminders

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

As we head into Thanksgiving indulgences, it can be easy to feel guilt-ridden, anxious about food, remorseful of our consumption and prone to overeating disappointment.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

When the holiday arrives, remember these FOUR things:

1️⃣ ONE DAY will not affect your progress. If you have been consistent 80% of the time, give yourself that 20% on Thanksgiving to eat the stuffing AND the pies without fear of falling off track. One day, I promise you, will not do you in. Read that again: ONE DAY WILL NOT DO YOU IN.

2️⃣ DON’T RESTRICT leading up to or in the days following the Holiday. Instead, eat and exercise normally and consistently. Your body will adjust back to normal much more efficiently by doing this as opposed to retaining water and storing extra fat like it will if you deprive it. Also DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and tuck the scale away the week of and give your body time to regulate before you even think of stepping on that bad boy.

3️⃣ MOVE YA BODY in order to help get digestion moving. A light workout or walk the morning of will get your metabolism kicking and ready to use that yummy food as fuel. Working out the day after & getting a sweat on will help to get that digestion flowing back to normal. Even if you don't work out the day of, try your best not to go full couch potato. Standing on your feet to help clear the table and do the dishes will improve digestion as well.

4️⃣ REMEMBER YOU HAVE ME to lean on if you have questions or concerns about holiday eating. You're not weird for feeling this way around the holidays and if you need an ear to listen or a voice to normalize how you are feeling, my door is always open. Email me or message me ANY time.

The holidays are a time to celebrate thanks and spend time with those we love — NOT feel anxious and guilty about food!


IG: @michele.jeannette

Talk soon!