If You Don't Already Do This - You Should!

Feeling like you JUST-DON’T-HAVE-TIME to make your fitness a priority?

You are not alone in that feeling and the excuse of not having time is actually the number one reason many people are unable to stick to their goals and stray from their progress.

But fitness does not have to look like walking into a gym and spending two hours a day there, seven days per week. Fitness doesn't have to leave your home and doesn't have to require multiple pieces of expensive equipment or complex movements.

Some of the BEST and most successful programs are the ones that are simple and efficient.

One of my favorite ways to program exercise for clients is by incorporating Kettle Bell Workouts into their weekly routine.

No matter your goal — whether it be to lean out, get jacked, look “toned,” or simply live a healthier/happier life, KB workouts can benefit YOU and you should do them!

Here are some reasons WHY:


KB are great for building strength, improving cardio without endless hours on the elliptical, improving flexibility, enhancing full-body conditioning, coordination & core stability.


KB workouts are efficient as they only require one piece of equipment to get the job done and can be done ANYWHERE whether it be at-home, in-gym, on the beach, in the park, etc etc etc.


Due to the full-body & multi-joint movement nature of KB exercise, you burn MORE in less time. Meaning workouts are shorter & more effective. WHO CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT, RIGHT?


No matter your ability level or experience level - & even if you have never touched a KB a day in your life, KB movements are easy to learn and the bell itself is easy to use.

In my personal experience AND in my own client-based research, I have experienced and witnessed first-hand the power a KB has to transform the body.

That’s why I created the 2019-2020 BSFN Kettle bell Program — so people of with goals of ALL nature and ALL levels of experience/ability can get fit for LESS MONEY and in LESS TIME.

It’s a month-long program, with easy-to-follow instruction and a guide to get you through. You can incorporate it into your current routine or use it separately as it's own program to effectively get you closer to your fitness goals.

And it’s only $45 if you buy before 12/31!

If you or someone you know is interested or could benefit from this program for a Holiday Gift, you can click the link below to purchase :)


Please direct any questions to my email michelejeannettefitness@gmail.com

Talk soon!