Welcome to 2020! Let's Chat Goals...

Happy New Year! The blog is back.

Big things are coming for Be SomeBody Fitness & Nutrition LLC this year - new programs, new offers, new goals, NEW BLOGS and new focus.

One large shift in BSFN LLC this year is less focus on society's standards of "fit" (weight-loss centered, beauty centered, etc) and more focus on holistic health & wellness and being a healthy person in entirety.


Holistic: characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Holistic wellness simply means that you focus on the interconnection of all aspects of your well-being, instead of just one or two (the one we, as a society, mainly think of when it comes to health is PHYSICAL well-being.) Our bodies are magnificent and the body's processes are so fascinatingly interconnected that it can be seen even down to a cellular level.

In reality, there are FIVE pillars/aspects of holistic wellness:






Focusing on just ONE aspect will only set you up for short-term success. Focusing on ALL aspects, will help you reach your goals, sustain them and expand/grow as a whole being.

2020 is HERE and everyone is setting goals for themselves, which is GREAT. But what tends to lead people to falling off-track, rather quickly I might add, is because the goals are only set surface level (often in just one pillar.)

Let's take a relatable one for many, for example: "I want to lose 15 lb this year."

GREAT! Solid physical goal.

However...if this is your only goal and you've set it without setting goals in the other aspects of your holistic wellness that SUPPORT and interconnect with your physical goal, you'll likely find it hard to maintain.

If you set goals in ways that connect and support other goals, you'll be way more likely to achieve and then sustain your result.

Per our example, you can set holistic goals like THIS:

PHYSICAL: Lose 15 lb.

MENTAL: Practice discipline, form healthy habits, break unhealthy ones, practice self-love and neutrality when it comes to body image, etc.

INTELLECTUAL: Learn and educate self on the healthy way to lose weight and sustain that weight loss.

SOCIAL: Surround yourself with people who support your goal and have positive influence on you.

SPIRITUAL: *This one is very personal and individual to a person, but let's say you believe in the power of manifestation or prayer - you would do work in those areas to positively support your goal.*

I've worked with countless women since BSFN's birth, to help them reach their goals, and in that experience, the results are undoubtedly CLEAR...

The ones who reach and maintain new levels of results and success, are the ones who come to me with a goal that is more than skin-deep.

So let's set well-rounded, whole goals that focus holistically on all aspects of YOU, so you can THRIVE, TRANSFORM, GROW AND GLOW in 2020.

I look forward to it.

Talk soon,