THE Habit That Will Improve Your Body Image!

EVER have one of those days where you literally roll out of bed and feel uncomfortable in your body?

You know, those days you wake up and you just. feel. gross?

your stomach isn't flat enough.

your booty isn't round enough.

your arms look weak.

your acne is flared.

your eyes are tired.

your thighs

your this

your that....

sometimes the smallest thing can trigger you to look at your body in a negative light. whether it's the angle you were caught in a picture, the mirror or something someone says.

but you're not alone in feeling this way and even the most confident women think critically of themselves.

does that make it healthy? no.

but does it make you human? yes!

while hating on your body is something that many experience, there are ways to combat negative body image and overcome those thoughts that creep in and make us feel less-than.

I want to key you in on The one habit that changed my body image for the better as well as numerous clients of mine.

here it is...

Say “STOP.”

Whenever(!!!!!!) you’re having a bad body image day.

Whenever you’re in your head, overwhelmed, feeling uncomfortable in your body and as if it’s not even your skin that you’re in...

Don’t try to talk yourself out of it.

Don’t try to affirm anything.

Don’t try to dooo anything.

Just say “STOP” out loud and firmly!

When I went on a mission in 2015 to love myself and my body more, this tactic was THE game changer that got the ball rolling.

The hard, nitty gritty work of unpacking your negative body image and building self-worth & self-esteem takes time, persistence and patience.

BUT — this tactic is a great one to implement NOW and on the days when your body image is so overwhelming that you feel claustrophobic.

In the moment, it helps to revert your mind from falling down the rabbit hole of self-loathing and refocus on something (anything) else.

It may take energy at first to pack those bad thoughts away with ease, but practice makes perfect & IT WORKS.

so next time that little voice creeps in to try and make you believe you're not enough - say it. say "stop."

advocate for yourself, always. even if it's within your own mind!

good luck & talk soon,