Getting Out of a Slump: 101

a slump. a rut. a funk.

Whatever you want to call it, you've probably experienced one or two in your lifetime.

falling into a slump can leave you feeling unmotivated, lazy, incapable, exhausted, and/or can cause you to question everything.

one day out of the gym leads to 3 weeks, then 3 months.

one sunday without your usual grocery store trip leads you to eating out all week instead.

socializing either becomes a band aid to keep your procrastinating from getting to the root cause of the slump - or it becomes a Deterrent leaving you feeling the need to isolate yourself.

all of our funks are different, but they are all as equally funky and can cause us to lose sight of all the hard work and effort we put into our lives.

there's no reason to sit back and wait for "it to pass." and there are absolutely steps you can take to actively put yourself in a position to pull yourself out of this rut.

let's unpack a few different tools:

1. start with your body.

Something as simple as adjusting your posture can make a huge change in your overall vibe. focusing on your body, how it feels and listening to it's inherent needs can begin to lift your from that funk, as you connect with your own self-awareness.

focusing on the simple things such as basic hygiene, as well as doing something nice for yourself - epsom salt bath, a face mask, hot yoga class, walk outside, switching up the environment you spend your free time in, changing your sheets... just to name a few - can also benefit your mind/body connection in many ways.

check in with yourself, your posture, your surroundings.

2. feed your mind.

Now here is where we get into the good stuff that y'all know i am a huge advocate for: self development!

searching inward to figure out exactly how you got to where you are is crucial in not only coming out of it, but preventing it from happening again.

is it tiresome sometimes? yes.

Does it take energy and effort? yes.

is it worth it and a great preventative measure? oh....yes!!

a good place to start is by documenting through a journal. you don't have to spend hours writing pages, but simply checking in with yourself at the beginning or end of the day on your mood, how you're feeling in body/mind/soul, any reflection you may have when it comes to emotions/frustrations etc.

start to test out methods that give you life: reading 10 pages of a book daily, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, expanding your knowledge, taking some time off from social media, reaching out to an old friend, spending time in solitude or in nature, are just some examples.

this is also where goal-setting comes into play. even though you are in a funk, you absolutely can still set goals of what you'd like to do when you aren't and goals on how to get there, from your starting point, here.

3. fuel your soul

What sets your soul on fire?

Think about it and speak it into action and existence.

check in with yourself by asking:

How am I feeling?

what's not working?

What is working?

what do i need?

what am i proud of?

what can i let go of?

Whether it's creating a bomb playlist, volunteering at an animal shelter, prayer, travel, or all of the above - find what sets your heart on fire and either do it or work towards making it happen every day.

in truth, what causes us to fall into a funk in the first place is a disconnection somewhere between all of the moving parts that keep us whole: physical, mental, social, intellectual, spiritual.

when one cog of the wheel is damaged, the entire cart isn't going to move at it's best.

it takes work to connect the moving parts in a fashion that allows you to grow from every stormy slump - but once you master the art of self-awareness, you can overcome again and again.

in the words of dr. seuss...

And when you're in a slump,

you're not in for much fun.

un-slumping yourself is not easily done.

....but it is possible!

remember you are absolute magic.

talk soon,