Mistakes, Fear, Disappointment...

Benjamin Mays said "the tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."

It's easy to get lost in the redundancy of day to day life and place your goals on the back burner, especially if those goals aren't set completely in stone. You bounce from goal to goal, never feeling truly fulfilled because the goal seems to far-fetched to reach and you don't reach it fast enough.

You feel a lack of motivation and a lack of discipline and the two together make you wonder whether a goal is even worth having.

You revert back to your comfort zone.

And without realizing, you not only stunt your physical growth - but your mental awareness and inward awareness as well.

What it boils down to isn't that you're lazy, un-motivated or anything of the sort...

What it boils down to is that you've been conditioned to believe that your comfort zone is a safe place to reside and is the safest place to avoid your fears and disappointments.

What you haven't yet learned is that the greatest disappointment of all is to consistently wonder "what if I had tried - what if I had given it 1% more - what if I hadn't given up just yet?"

The greatest failure is never starting, or starting with apprehension.

You hear it all the time that you should "be fearless, blah blah blah..."


Without fear it's hard to find drive and excitement. And without fear, it's hard to figure out what is worth working for. Truly, if proper coping mechanisms are applied, fear can be a great catalyst for your success.

So how do we push through the fear of making mistakes and disappointing ourselves?

1. SET CLEAR INTENTIONS - Your goals need to be set it stone. Making the goals concrete gives you a newfound sense of security. WRITE THEM DOWN, look at them often. Keep record of your progress. Being clear about what you want and holding true to those goals is going to not only make your chances of failing less likely, but also give you something to look back on if you do fall off track and need re-direction and re-purposing.

2. FOCUS ON GRATITUDE - Instead of focusing on the potential negatives, focus on what you have to be thankful for. Even journaling each day about how you want to live fit and work closer to your goals and also journaling about what you can be thankful for about your strong, adaptable body each day will help you remain positive in both body and in mind. As much as you like to blame your body or something external for your problems, in reality, it all starts in your mind.

3. UNDERSTAND WHAT MISTAKES ACTUALLY MEAN - Mistakes are nearly as essential as fear is. Without mistakes, you can't overcome, learn and grow stronger from experience. Mistakes don't always have to go hand in hand with failure. Mistakes prevent maximized failure from happening because they give you the opportunity to check in with yourself, adapt and heighten your level of self-awareness.

Fear, Failure, Disappoint, Mistakes.

No need to let their pre-conceived, negative connotations take over your life any longer, my friend!

Talk soon,




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