Overthinking Overeating...

As women we have a big tendency to overTHINK overEATING.

Here’s what I mean...

You go out to eat on the weekend, order your favorite, less-than-healthy food, eat all or the majority of it, have a drink or two & then when you get home, the full-on guilt ensues. You feel like a failure because you "worked so hard all week" and "did so well all week" and now you overate and all of that hard work has gone to waste.

Take a deeeeeeeep breath for me because there are a few things to unpack here.

First and foremost, if you were on your game 6/7 days of the week and are consistently on your game from week to week, then ONE day of slight indulgence is not going to do you in. The world isn't ending, you're not going to explode, all hope is not lost.

Second - How do you KNOW that you overate? Because you feel full? Because you’re bloated after? Because you’re gassy? Because you woke up the following morning feeling uncomfortable in your body? Because you ordered something less-than healthy at a restaurant?

Those are all examples of the body's feedback to you because you did something out of the ordinary...but that doesn't mean you overate, or ate to the point that you're going to ruin your progress. You need to cut yourself some slack because in reality, if you DON’T count macros or calories, there’s no way for you to really know whether you overate or not in terms of what your body needs for fuel. Feeling full after a meal isn’t bad.

Eating foods that are "off brand" of what you normally eat, isn't bad.

Eating and indulging, even, isn't bad.

The caveat is if you A) make the overeating and overindulging a habit and/or B) if that overeating/overindulging becomes a behavior in which you can't control. Unfortunately, that is where the disordered pattern of emotional eating, or in more serious cases, the pattern of bingeing and restricting begins. Overcoming those patterns and behaviors dive deeper than my scope of practice - but I can teach you how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

The best way to avoid feeling like garbage when you indulge a bit and the best way to avoid unhealthy patterns from forming is to live in a food harmony of balance and moderation.

I teach my 1:1 Clients how to establish an 80:20 way of living in which they eat 80% whole and nutrient-dense foods and 20% of the foods they love that keep them sane. There is NO HARM in eating the foods you love in moderation. It helps enforce a behavior pattern of balance as opposed to one of restriction. A restrictive way of eating will only cause you to fall off track - hence why diets "work" only for a short amount of time - because they force you to restrict yourself of foods you love without providing you with balance.

By implementing the 80:20 way of eating into your nutrition, you'll not only feel better, but you will see and maintain results in a more sustainable manner that doesn't leave you feeling deprived or as though you're a failure if you overeat every once in a while.

Have questions about the 80:20 way of eating? Feel free to email me at michelejeannettefitness@gmail.com or DM me via my Instagram: @michele.jeannette.

Talk soon!