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Raise Your Hand if You Want to Make Healthy Eating SIMPLE...

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest board full of recipes you’ve never made! Why does that happen? -Too many ingredients. -Going to take too much time. -The novelty of a new recipe intimidates you. -You have too many to choose from. -You think "when I start “eating healthy again I’ll give it a try." -Why prepare it if you aren’t sure you’re even going to like it that much? Whatever the excuse, it all boils down to time, money & intimidation. But here’s the thing, you don’t need complex, time-consuming recipes to “eat healthy.” Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard & the more you over complicate it the more likely you are to fail at sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat should complement the healthy lifestyle, not hinder your success with it. That’s why I emphasize the concept of staple meals & staple foods with my clients, so they have a small but powerful arsenal of healthy food that they KNOW they can tweak and never get sick of. On March 16th, I’m launching a Staple Food & Recipe Guide to get you started on creating your own staple meals, to decrease the hassle and increase the ease of healthy living! With 10 basic, but delicious recipes and an entire list of staple snacks, you’ll feel nothing but prepared and capable to succeed at this healthy eating thing.

The guide is for ANYONE and customizable to any taste, food allergy restrictions or food limitations for those who are vegan/vegetarian, etc. Stay tuned for more info on 3/16 via my Instagram: @michele.jeannette