Navigating Change -

The blog is back, HOORAY!

Thank you for your patience during this month-long hiatus. As some of you may know, my father passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on March 25th. It was a short, treacherous but courageous fight. I gave myself a month away from blogging to heal and focus on other aspects of life and business that took precedence - BUT I AM BACK and ready to provide you with uplifting and educational content.

In this crazy season of life that we are all in due to this rampant pandemic, we are all facing unique degrees of change and transition. The hardest part, undoubtedly for any of us, is that we didn't see it coming.

There was no time to prepare. No time to plan. No time to appreciate life as we knew it.

And while we still aren't sure when the "end" of this chaos will be - we can be sure of one thing - we will make it through, if we focus on the present.

Most of the clients I work with one on one are women who are coming up on, going through, or have just reached the other side of a transition in their lives - which means, navigating change is my jam and I can offer you some sound advice in that realm.

But before I overstimulate your brain, I want to focus on one of the BIGGEST things that will help you navigate this storm -


Give yourself some grace to not have it all together.

Give yourself time to adjust and play with a new level of consistency.

Give yourself space to feel every emotion that comes with isolation.

Give yourself a chance to use this time to your advantage.

Take care of your innate needs: move your body, drink water, eat food, sleep.

And STOP comparing your journey to the journey of others.

I'm always here if you need a listening ear - feel free to email me or DM me via Instagram @michele.jeannette.

Talk soon & hang in there,